Colorado Area Officers and Coordinators
These trusted servants were elected at the Colorado Area Assembly, November, 2015
3 year terms of service begin January 1, 2016

...we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, TV and films...

From Al-Anon's Eleventh Tradition

In keeping with Al-Anon's Traditions, full names of members are not listed here.  If you wish to contact any of these trusted servants, please click here to send an e-mail; select the particular position from the Contact list.

Position Name Term of Service
Delegate Eloy M. 3 yrs
Alternate Delegate* Nancy T. 3 yrs
Chairperson Bev H. 3 yrs
Secretary Jan R. 3 yrs
Treasurer Tim B. 3 yrs
Position Name Term of Service
AAPP (Area Alateen Process Person) Donna H. 3 yrs
Alateen Christine M. 3 yrs
Archives Greta M. 3 yrs
Butterfly (Area Newsletter) Malia U. 3 yrs
Forum Tierney S. 3 yrs
IT-Media Tim N. 3 yrs
Literature   3 yrs
Public Outreach Rick G. 3 yrs
Records Sheila A. 3 yrs
Website Linda C. 3 yrs
Position Name Term of Service
Day in Al-Anon 2017 Chair Brook H. 1 yr
Weekend in Al-Anon 2017 Chair Denisha S. 1 yr
Group Connection 2017 Chair Robert L. 1 yr
State Convention 2017 Chair Kristen W. 2 yr

* The Alternate Delegate also serves as Alternate Chairperson, Finance Committee Chair, and Forum Coordinator.