Descriptions of Selected Al-Anon Pamphlets


P-65 Anonymity
Respect for personal anonymity is explained along with ways anonymity can be broken. Explains Al-Anon's public relations policy of attraction. 6 pages. Source: NCWSA

P-3 Alcoholism, A Merry-Go-Round Named Denial
Dramatic analogy helps family members see the roles they play in the problems of alcoholism. 18 pages. Source: NCWSA

P-47 Al-Anon Sharings from Adult Children
P-47: "Al-Anon Sharings from Adult Children" Personal stories illustrate how Al-Anon helps members deal with the lingering effects of their parents' alcoholism. Source: NCWSA

p-32 This is Al-Anon
Meeting guides in your pocket: Al-Anon's suggested Opening, Welcome, Preamble, serenity Prayer, Twelve Steps and Traditions, the slogans and the Closing. 16 pages. Source: NCWSA

P-36 Al-Anon Fact File
Factual information for the general public, media, professional community and those working in the field of alcohol treatment. 16 pages. Source: NCWSA

P-53 Al-Anon Spoken Here
Why are Al-Anon meetings the way they are? Questions and answers that lead to a better understanding of Al-Anon. 8 pages. Source: NCWSA

P-7 Guide for the Family of the Alcoholic
A clear and realistic look at alcoholism, the problems encountered by those close to the alcoholic, and the choices available to the family. Revised 2004. 12 pages. Source: WSO

P-14 So You Love an Alcoholic
First steps to a changed attitude toward the alcoholic. Unexpected answers to the question, "What shall I do?" Revised 2003. 6 pages. Source: WSO

S-4 Information for the Newcomer
Brief explanation of Al-Anon. Six Pages. Source: WSO

S-17 Are You Troubled by Someone's Drinking? Al-Anon Is for You!
Questionnaire that helps identify a need for Al-Anon. Source: WSO

S-19 Detachment
Everything you always wanted to know about detachment in an easy-to-use handout. Source: WSO

S-25 Did You Grow Up With a Problem Drinker? Al-Anon is for You!
Questionnaire that helps individuals decide if they can benefit from Al-Anon. Twenty questions. Excellent pamphlet. Source: WSO

P-33 Why Anonymity in Al-Anon?
Personal anonymity is a spiritual principle of Al-Anon members. Include examples that respect confidences of members in everyday situations. Eight pages. Source: WSO

Free Pamphlets:

P-35 Why Conference Approved Literature?
Explains how Al-Anon Conference Approved Literature comes to be and the importance of using only Al-Anon Conference Approved Literature at Al-Anon and Alateen meetings. 6 pages. Source: NCWSA

P-57 The Concepts: Al-Anon's Best Kept Secret?
Al-Anon's third legacy - service - is explained to help all members grasp the principles of worldwide service and apply them to their personal lives. 16 pages. Source: NCWSA

S-64 Information for the Educators: Alateen Meetings in Schools
Answers the questions educators ask in their language. Source: WSO

NCWSA: Reprinted with permission of Northern California World Service Area of AFG.
WSO: Reprinted with permission of World Service Office.
AWSC: Reprinted with permission of Colorado World Service of AFG.