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Al-Anon Participation in Health Fairs


What are health fairs?

Health fairs are held in various locations around Colorado throughout the year in order to promote health awareness, provide free or low cost health screenings and information about health problems, and encourage participants to assume responsibility for their own health.

What is Al-Anon's involvement?

The primary purpose of Al-Anon is to help friends and relatives of those afflicted with the family disease of Alcoholism. Setting up an Al-Anon information table at a health fair can be a great way to educate the public about Al-Anon and "attract" people who might need the help and support that Al-Anon can provide.

How do I find out more about health fairs?

While Al-Anon does not support, finance, or otherwise endorse any outside enterprises, details on the locations and times of individual health fairs can be found by entering 'health fair colorado' (or something similar) into the search field of any of the popular internet searching sites. Also, check local newspapers and television stations for upcoming events.

Health Fairs may be sponsored by local hospitals, churches, universities, schools, service organizations, private businesses, government agencies, or other groups. If you are able to find even one health fair in your area, the contact person or coordinator for the fair could likely direct you to other fairs.

As more information on specific health fairs becomes available, it will be added to this web site.


1. The dates and locations of health fairs are usually determined in January or February each year. Be sure to allow enough time for your group or district to find volunteers, approve funds for purchasing literature and obtain the literature and displays.

2. You will need to find out in advance when the coordinator of the health fair you will be participating in will be setting up for the fair. Ask the coordinator whether a table will be supplied. If one is not, you will need to bring your own.

3. Put literature on a table with an Al-Anon poster, sign or table display. Be sure to include a meeting list.

4. Keep it simple with a few pieces of literature from the suggestions below. "So You Love an Alcoholic" (P-14) is an especially good one.

5. Anonymity not invisibility: Many health fair visitors might be hesitant to approach an Al-Anon table unless they can do so without being seen. For this reason, your Group or District may want to set up an unmanned table at the health fair.

6. If your Group or District would prefer, or if required by the coordinator of the health fair, Al-Anon volunteers may want to sit at the table or wait nearby in order to answer any questions. Because of anonymity issues, it might be desirable to have volunteers from another town or district man the table .

7. A candy dish may provide an interested person with an "excuse" to visit the table.

8. A local hotline number, follow-up numbers and/or the Area web site URL should be available on cards, pamphlets and/or easily visible on a sign.

9. Be responsible for coming back to pick up what is not taken.

10. An example of a simple Al-Anon table will be displayed at the March 2005 Area Assembly and will consist of the following:

a) A small clear vase with a single flower;

b) The poster "My Life," in both Spanish and English, backed with cardboard or poster board;

c) A paper bowl with individually wrapped pieces of candy;

d) The pamphlet, P14 "So You Love An Alcoholic," with a specially designed Al-Anon bookmark inserted into it. The bookmark will contain the Area web site URL, the WSO web site URL, and has space to write down the local Al-Anon hotline number. The pamphlet and bookmark can both be purchased from the Area Literature Coordinator.



1. Current Local Meeting Lists (MOST important, can be taken from the web site).

2. Old Forum Magazines

3. Displays/Posters

  • M-54 Pamphlet Display Rack. Holds up to 16 different pamphlets for an attractive display.

4. Pamphlets/Leaflets

  • M-1 Are You Concerned About Someone's Drinking? Leaflet size.
  • M-9 Alateen Do's and Don'ts. Helpful suggestions on a wallet card
  • S-25 Did You Grow Up With a Problem Drinker? Twenty questions. Excellent pamphlet.
  • P-7 A Guide for the Family of the Alcoholic.
  • P-14 So You Love an Alcoholic
  • S-4 Information for the Newcomer
  • S-17 Are You Troubled by Someone's Drinking? Al-Anon Is for You!
  • S-20 Has Your Life Been Affected by Someone Else's Drinking? Alateen Is for You!
  • S-19 Detachment
  • S-37 Fact Sheet for Professionals
  • P-41 Facts about Alateen
  • S-64 Information for the Educators: Alateen Meetings in Schools

5. Contact and Information Cards

  • S-23 Getting in Touch with Al-Anon/Alateen Directory of information services.
  • M-46 Al-Anon/Alateen Contact Card WSO address, toll free #, web-site address.