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Last Update 10/15/2018

City Day Time Group Name Type Focus Facility Address ZIP Facility Notes Meeting Notes
Buena Vista TUE 6:30 pm
Literature Study Group AFG Al-Anon Lit Study Congregational United Church 217 Crossman Ave 81211
Buena Vista SAT 9:00 am
Buena Vista AFG Al-Anon Congregational United Church of Christ 217 Crossman Ave 81211 Enter South door. Second room on right inside of church. AA Same Time / 1st Saturday of month: Al-anon Steps study; 2nd Saturday: Al-anon Traditions; 3rd Saturday: Al-anon Concepts; 4th Saturday: Al-anon Slogans
Crestone MON 1:00 pm
Crestone AFG Al-Anon Little Sherperd of Hills Church 226 South Elder Street 81131
Salida TUE 12:00 pm
Courage to Change AFG Al-Anon First Presbyterian Church 7 Poncha Blvd 81201 Park in upper lot. Enter through glass double door, not blue doors. In the Sun Room. 3rd Tuesday Step meeting based on How Al-Anon Works - 4th Tuesday Tradition meeting based on How Al-Anon Works - 5th Tuesday speaker meeting1st & 2nd Tuesday based on readings from the daily readers
Salida FRI 6:00 pm
Salida Serenity Seekers AFG Al-Anon First Presbyterian Church 7 Poncho Blvd 81201 Enter meeting from upper parking lot through side door